At Jason Finbra Plumbing and Heating, we provide the following services:
*             Boilers
*             Heating
*             Maintenance & Servicing
*             Bathroom Installation
*             General Pipework
*             All other ancillary plumbing work
*             Renewable Energy (Biomass Boilers / Air Source Heat Pumps)

We provide our plumbing and heating service to residential customers and commercial customers and strive to offer cost effective and innovative plumbing and heating solutions.

Geographical Coverage:

We offer plumbing and heating services in Suffolk and surrounding areas.  Plumbing & Heating projects which fall outside of this area are considered on a case by case basis.


What do I do next?


Call our friendly, dedicated team on 07932 438155 or you are welcome to email us at and provide us with a description of what you want done. We'll respond quickly with a detailed, no obligations estimate.


Jason Finbra (Managing Director)

Jason Finbra started his company from humble roots with a view to innovate the plumbing and heating market by offering a combination of unparalleled service and a skill set he believed to be unmatched within his service area. 
After word spread and his customer base grew, Jason began to employ other plumbing and heating contractors working alongside them to ensure that their mindset of making Jason Finbra Plumbing and Heating would be considered to be the leader of plumbing and heating services in Suffolk.
Jason has ensured that the business has been grown sensibly and organically to deliver an ever evolving plumbing and heating service in Suffolk.